Where Am I ?

Back home in the BA, CA.

On a little weekend trip to Boston to visit Karen and Micha.

Back in Berkeley, CA.

SPring 8, Japan. Most likely the brightest hard x-ray source on the planet.

and some of the crew:

BESSY Beamline U49/2 PGM1. With the guys from Erlangen and Leipzig.
Good old reaction kinetics on surfaces.

The machine                                              Sandra and Erik fom Leipzig.
                                                                     (not on the picture is Michael from Erlangen)

Measuring, this time at the ALS.

A nice view of beamline 7 with Chuck and Alex. Standing waves ROCK!!

After a little flight and some confusing bus rides on Long Island, NY I made it to Brookhaven National Lab. Somewhere on this huge site the HAXPES workshop takes place.
The good thing about getting lost is that the long trip over long island, which is really beautiful.
This is a view from the chemistry building               This is the conference with
some funny dome with a big chimney.                     Joerg Zegenhagen giving a talk about hard 
                                                                                          x-ray standing waves.

Tuesday 19th of May we went back to the swine flu striken american continents. Before boarding the flight the hand out these nice tools for survival in the US:
The world is sometimes a little crazy.

We moved on to the other side of BESSY 2 to the SP-PEEM.


Chuck, Alex and Florian                                                                         and Claus Schneider, Ingo and Stefan                                                                                                                        (not on the photo) from Julich.

We left this cute place on May 11th 09.

This is KMC-1 at BESSY 2. A nice place to spend some time.
Night shifts are especially charming.
Here you can see the whole crew.

Big BB, Benny the B. Johannes our young friend from Dortmund. The boss: Chuck, the Californian cowboy and Alex the only Californian Russian I met up to date.