Selected Publications

R. Streber, C. Papp, M. P. A. Lorenz, A. Bayer, R. Denecke and H-P Steinrück;
”Sulfur Oxidatian on Pt(355) – It’s the steps!”,

Angewandte Chemie International Edition 48 (2009) 9743.

A. X. Gray, C. Papp, S. Ueda, B. Balke, Y. Yamashita, L. Plucinski, J. Minár, J. Braun, E. R. Ylvisaker, C. M. Schneider, W. E. Pickett, H. Ebert, K. Kobayashi, and C. S. Fadley;
“Probing Bulk Electronic Structure with Hard-X-Ray Angle-Resolved Photoemission: W and GaAs”

Nature Materials,
10 (2011) 759.

J. Englert, C. Dotzer, G. Yuang, M. Schmid, C. Papp, J. M. Gottfried, H.-P. Steinrück, E. Spieker, F. Hauke, and A. Hirsch;
”Covalent Bulk Functionalization of Graphene”,
Nature Chemistry, 3 (2011) 279 - COVER

C. Gleichweit, M. Amende, S. Schernich, W. Zhao, M. P. A. Lorenz, O. Höfert, N. Brückner, P. Wasserscheid, J. Libuda, H.-P. Steinrück, C. Papp.
"Dehydrogenation of Dodecahydro-N-ethylcarbazole on Pt(111)"
ChemSusChem, 6 (2013) 974.

I. Niedermaier, M. Bahlmann, C. Papp, C. Kolbeck, W. Wei, S. Krick-Calderón, M. Grabau, P. Schulz, P. Wasserscheid, H.-P. Steinrück, F. Maier
"Carbon Dioxide Capture by an Amine Functionalized Ionic Liquid: Fundamental Differences of Surface and Bulk Behavior"
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (2014) 436.

N. Taccardi, M. Grabau, J. Debuschewitz, M. Distaso, M. Brandl, R. Hock, F. Rietzler, F. Maier, C. Papp, J. Erhard, C. Neiss, A. Görling, H.-P. Steinrück and P. Wasserscheid
“Supported Liquid Metal Catalysis”
Nature Chemistry, 9 (2017) 862.

F. Späth, J. Gebhardt, F. Düll, U. Bauer, P. Bachmann, C. Gleichweit, A. Görling, H. P. Steinrück, and C. Papp
“Hydrogenation of hexagonal Boron-Nitride on Ni(111): reactivity and electronic structure.”
2D Materials, 4 (2017) 35026.

Selected Reviews

C. Papp
"From Flat Surfaces to Nanoparticles: In Situ Studies of the Reactivity of Model Catalysts"

C. Papp
, H.-P. Steinrück.
"In situ high-resolution X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy – Fundamental insights in surface reactions"
Surface Science Reports, 68 (2013) 446.

C. Papp
, P. Wasserscheid, J. Libuda, H.-P. Steinrück
"Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers: Surface Science Studies of Carbazole Derivatives"
The Chemical Record 14 (2014) 879.