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Growth and Modification of Graphene

In situ XPS during the Growth of Graphene on Ni(111)

Surface Structures of Graphene on Ni(111)

The graphene layers formed on Ni(111) exhibit two differrent, energetically almost equivalent structures, bridge-top and top-fcc.

This work was published in J. Phys. Chem. Lett. together with our colleagues from the institute of theoretical chemistry in the working group of A. Görling (website).

Doping of Graphene on Ni(111)
we doped graphene with nitrogen using two different methods:
low energy nitrogen ion implantation and growth of graphene with a nitrogen containing precursor.

To analyze the changes in the band structure due to doping we used ARPES.

The DFT analysis showed a dependence of the doping (n and p doping) on the bonding geometry of nitrogen in graphene.

This work is published in Phys Rev B together with the groups of Th, Seyller (website) and A. Görling (website)